For Medical Devices Technology Enthusiast

You will have the opportunity to visit a hospital environment, participate in medical devices trend talks, participate in ‘Introduction to TRIZ – problem solving techniques’ and attend technical workshops (certificate will be given). The exposure and awareness provide throughout the bootcamp is to prepare the bootcamp participants for the Medical Devices Cluster Challenge.

During the event, participants will be grouped within teams that consist of team members from different disciplines and universities (i.e. Medical/Sciences based with Engineering disciplines). Each team will be given a specific medical devices cluster challenge and are required to prepare a proposal and demo for Day 4 Pitching Session. You will have the opportunity to network and exchange ideas with participants from various universities and disciplines. Come and join us!

(For more information please visit CREST website by clicking here)

  • You are required to arrange your own transport to the venue.
  • Please register via this link https://goo.gl/forms/tGuGhx5sLqFXSli02. Registration deadline is 30th June 2017.
  • Seats are limited to 100 pax.
  • We will send you a confirmation e-mail on your registration.
  • Track winners from this bootcamp will be eligible to apply and participate in the 2017 TGL Grand Design Challenge competition. Shortlisted teams will be eligible to receive the project seed funding from CREST in order to build a prototype of their ideas and compete in the finale of the TGL Grand Design Challenge competition.
  • Check out our previous event at our FB CREST R&D Talent Development 

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